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Scene Damage

SCENE DAMAGE (FAWM11: In development 2011)

On this album - Price, Portus and Børresen so far. Nick Cox from Screaming Maldini is lending mixing skills and we're hoping Robert Saull from the Purgatory Players can feature too.

The Scientist (featuring Kristian Børresen)
Factory Mentality
Pixel Perfect
Million-Legged Machine
Spin Ditties
Nobody's Pins
Leipzig's Ghosts
List of Wires
Code Simple
Aspect Ratio Blues

Moscow State Circus

MOSCOW STATE CIRCUS (In development 2010)

On this album - just Price so far. My effort for FAWM 2010, it's got legs but not finished. Elie never made it by the way.

BF Skinner (instrumental, vocal version coming soon)
Pronoun Trouble
Pirate Affairs (coming soon)
Parties Break Hearts
Scarfo vs Bowie (coming soon)
Chomsky (coming soon)
Doctors Blues
Dual Repeats (coming soon)
Action Music (vocal version coming soon)
Melt Down All Harmonicas
Gifted Minutes (coming soon)
Considered Response (coming soon)
Milgram Not the same song from 5090, totally new! (instrumental, vocals coming soon)

Download 2^5 EP (7-zip)
2^5EP: 7 songs, 16m35s

2^5 (2009)

On this album - just Price. This is now an EP cos I ran out of time before FAWM'10. All I could get out of 5090 after I broke my recording devices for about two-thirds of the 90 days. What a dickhead.

Eine Kleine Knachtmusik
Terror Fitzgerald
Wired for Sound
O Hell
I Am O-Ren
Coniston Water

...And those that didn't make it:
Trojan Reason
Five Times (A Knight)
You Magnificent Bastard
This Right Here Stinks

Download Rockingham Cahoots - Demo album (7-zip)
LP: 11 songs

ROCKINGHAM CAHOOTS (2009, re-recorded 2011)

On this album - just Price. Album of pastiches done for FAWM'09 for 60UKP. Me and Nick have reformed Balor Knights proper and recording this hi-fi! Get the lo-fi version while you can:

Marathon Man - Foals
New Transaural Melodie - Stereolab
The Grapes of Roth - Girls Against Boys
James Dean - Urusei Yatsura (vocal version coming soon)
To Hell With Entropy - Massive Attack
Stuck with a Paste - Rival Schools
Lunar Mission - Of Montreal (vocal version coming soon)
Sleight of Hand - The Cardigans
Elephant Call - Deerhoof
Paper Cuts - At the Drive-In
Shutterbug - My Bloody Valentine

A Capella Instrumental - N*E*R*D (coming eventually)
Trap Doors - Smokey Robinson (coming soon)
C'mon Crayola - Love (coming soon)

Build Up

BUILD UP (Unreleased, 2007-)

On this album - Price, Emma Farley, Anna Nibbs, Nick Portus, Dave Rogers, Jenny Waiting. The second album that would never get finished. At least this time some of the rest of the material got onto other stuff.

Gran Sasso National Laboratory pt II
Wonderful Idea
Neat and Tidy
Clackety Clack
Esteban was Eaten (remixed since Average Man release)
Ah Peggy Oh
Invisible Eye
Just Cos Keenan Says So
Get Straight
I am O-Ren (to be released in 2^5)
Yes Quintet
The Living Daylights

Metric Tonne

THE METRIC TONNE (Unreleased, 2006-)

On this album - Price, Phil Paxton, Emma Farley, Anna Nibbs, Nick Portus, Dave Rogers. The first album that would never get finished.

Four Day Week
Pattern of Attack
Imperial Decimal
The Nerve of That Woman (no vox yet - currently rescuing from ultimate PC fail)
Death of a Thousand Cutbacks
Nails and Screws (coming soon)
Beats (coming soon)
Before the Marketeers
Pity Hands
The Metric Tonne